Closer Look at Landscape Lighting

Take a Closer Look at Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting is the most valuable asset of a yard. This is a wonderful additional feature to add some spice to security lighting or to your front yard, backyard, or walkway landscape lighting to enjoy the curb. However, some homeowners hesitate to install them as they fear an increase in the electricity bill. Having lights on the timer is one way to pay higher prices. Do you know that a low voltage light may actually be the best light to reduce your pocketbook? Not only that, but landscape lighting provides ways to spice up a dark and monotonous yard.

Why install landscape lighting?

  • Accent focal points
  • Showcases gorgeous or exotic flowers and shrubs.
  • Display the beauty of your home when it’s dark
  • Relaxes in your backyard and helps you entertain on your patio or deck.
  • Trees, pools, fountains, and masonry make the texture more dramatic
  • Practical Benefits
  • Safety: Good lighting on the steps and driveways help avoid accidents.
  • Security: Floodlighting and other landscape lighting will block growlers and windows.
  • Investment: Grounds that are dramatically illuminated at night look like a luxurious property, increasing the resale value of your property.
  • More energy-efficient and often more light output per watt.
  • Little or no risk of shock or another electrical hazard.
  • Minimum disturbances in lawn and garden (cable can be buried without drain and junction box or it can be left above ground).
  • Easy relocation of fixtures when desired.

Whether you are looking for beautification or showcasing, or saving energy, Buldel Surat has the expertise to install lighting for your yard or garden.

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