Ceiling Fans

Surat Ceiling Fans & Heaters

We specialize in the installation of fans and heaters on the roof of Surat. Whether your house is very hot or very cold, we can help solve the problem. Don’t get more uncomfortable with the house than you have. Call us here at Buldel +91 942-821-3314.. Our skilled electricians are always ready to help you with all your ceiling fans and heater needs.

  • Suarat Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Heater Replacement in Surat

Surat Ceiling Fan Installation

We are Surat Ceiling Fan Installation Specialists and service areas all over Surat. Roof fans are a great way to save on your electricity bills as it works efficiently and therefore provides a cost-effective alternative to running an air conditioning unit. As an added bonus, nowadays most sealing fans are equipped with lighting fixtures to allow them to circulate air in the room as well as provide a source of light. Help us beat the heat. Our experienced electricians will advise you the correct type and size of fan as per your requirements. We will replace your old ceiling fan or install a new one. Our services do not stop at sealing fans, however. We also install:

  • 240V A/C dedicated circuits
  • ceiling fans
  • exhaust fans
  • bathroom exhaust fans
  • outdoor heaters
  • whole house fans

Surat Ceiling Fan Repair

If your ceiling fan is discolored, our team can also help him. If an repair is possible, one of our electricians can help fix this and if you can ensure that the job will be done by one of our Surat Ceiling Fan Repair Specialists. If your ceiling fan can’t be repaired, we also offer ceiling fan replacement.

Surat Heaters

We also install, replace and service Surat heaters. We can help you get back to the comfort of your home with well-functioning heaters. Our knowledgeable electricians can advise you which type of heater is best suited for you and you’ll be at peace knowing that the job was done correctly.

Heater Replacement in Surat

If you have time for a new heater in your home, Buldel goes to you for a heater replacement in Surat. We can replace your old heater with a new unit and save you money on future repairs. Give us a call at +91 942-821-3314 for a free estimate..

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