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Your house is your sanctuary. A place of peace and tranquility to share with friends, family, or even to be lost in imagination alone.

When you turn on your T.V. it is always good to experience a movie as if you were in a theater but still coitus easily in your home.

Why not put up an entire room of theater-quality sound! At Buldel, we can do all this for you.

There are three basic types of equipment that are required to work in the room: video gear, audio gear, and control equipment.


You can think of the biggest screen to enjoy that nice view and putting it on the big screen is not bad. Although video sizzle is appealing, it is not always better. The screen distance from the couch matters the most. Professional installers recommend a seating distance that is 2 to 2-1 / 2 times the width of the screen. For example, if a screen is 27 inches wide, the couch should be 54 to 68 inches away. A 120-inch screen viewing comfortably requires a room large enough to push the rear seats at least 20 feet from the screen.

A front projection system, which includes a separate screen and video projector, provides the largest picture (up to 200 diagonal inches) and lends the feeling of an actual movie theater; However, this requires that a room is completely dark for a good picture. Rear projection systems and picture-tube televisions, on the other hand, look good with lights as if they turn off the lights. You can also add some lighting to give the room a theater feel. Buldel can handle all your electrical needs.


Next, you’ll need at least five speakers to create a full-sound effect. Together, the speakers create a sense of movement and sound localization that combines the film's visual cues with the soundtrack. For example, when a jet flies around the screen to the right, in a surround sound system, the engine’s roar “moves” through the speakers from right to left.

To create this effect, place one speaker on each side of the TV screen, two behind the couch, and one above the TV. Both positioned on the edges of the screen should sit about level with your ears (when you’re seated) and about 3 feet from the side walls. Place the center speaker, which distributes the film's dialogue, smack pressure between the left and right speakers in the center. Finally, put two rear speakers 6 to 8 feet up on the wall behind the couch. Keep them at least as wide as the left and right speakers. You may need to install a speaker mount for proper positioning on the wall.

The action-movie buff wants a subwoofer. This component intensifies the bass of a film soundtrack so that the big booms all sound more dramatic.

Rest of gear for the right of the entertainment

The rest of the equipment — audio-video receiver, VCR, direct satellite receiver, DVD player - can also be placed inside a cabinet or in a well-ventilated closet in another room. For the latter option, make sure that there is enough cabling to make a connection to the TV.

Control Equipment

Finally, remote. A man's dream! Pick up a universal remote control. Available at your local electronics store, it serves every clicker except hiding on the sofa. If you want your install done correctly with optimal results, call Buldel to Surat Electrician today! +91 942-821-3314

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